May 14, 2019

Upcoming development news

A series of new functions are on the plans for the ACF plugin.

  • A new datatype for hierarchical data storage, being able to read both XML and JSON, manipulate and save as XML or JSON. It will be a complete set of functions to navigate, modify and create structures in an intuitive way that makes it easy to handle such data structures.
  • The new datatype accompanied by new language-functions for doing SOAP calls and REST API calls, using such data-structures as parameters.
  • A developer-tool web-page for creating ACF template functions for SOAP calls using a WSDL file or an URL to a WSDL file. The generated ACF functions can be copied into your source and adjusted to fit your need to use SOAP web-services in a short time.
  • Another developer-tool web-page to parse a sample XML or JSON text, and generate a template ACF function to create just that XML or JSON. The tool helps developers to develop correct XML with your dynamic data based on the samples.
  • New functions to work with URL’s, to get or post data. A function for POSTing form-data to URLs simulating various form fields, like text, file-uploads, etc. This functionality makes it easy to use microservices or AJAX-like functions; develop PHP services to accomplish tasks on a web-server, to example.

The version containing the new MySQL functions has been in production for a while and now out of beta. It will only be available for Mac in this version. Now, we work on the release containing the above features and the MySQL functions; this will be available on both Mac and Windows.

For all who has the license for the 1.x.x.x version of the plugin can use this with their existing licenses as soon as it’s released.

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