May 4, 2019

Rolling up MySQL connector in the ACF plugin

MySQL connector has been on the plan for a while and now is expected to come in the version of the plugin. Those who like to test can get a Mac-only beta version as some of the basics are already in place.

It is beneficial to be able to work with MySQL databases directly from the FileMaker application. Instead of API’s to web-based systems, you can operate directly on the web-systems database to extract data or update data instantly from the FileMaker system, without any middleware systems.

It is, of course, possible to use the external data sources dialogue in FileMaker to add ODBC connection to the tables and then query those, and script the updates and so on. Maybe there is some ad-hoc need for different databases, and not for all users; ODBC requires installation of the ODBC drivers on the client computers for all users. It is not quite so effective as doing it directly in the ACF functions. No ODBC drivers needed – Just the ACF plugin when is released.

Look at this example for a function to delete SPAM from a support system. The osTicket support system targeted, receive some spam from the e-mail, it is annoying. With this little ACF function, I deleted 114 SPAMS spread on four tables in the osTicket system in less than 0,5 seconds.

Go to the example in our documentation.

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