Site has been moved to new server

The site vas awfully slow on the old PowerEdge 1850 server with only 4GB of ram, and many other sites on as well. Now I have moved it to a new server – A Dell R610 with two processors and 96GB RAM. This greatly improved the site as well. […]

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Is it really the Easy Custom Functions?

The ACF in ACF plugin stands for Advanced Custom Functions, but we could also call it the Easy Custom Functions – in the sense that it is easier to create more complex functions in the ACF language. I converted a huge Custom Function to ACF – and I realised one […]

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A new demo and a video are available

We have just released a new demo application that converts Markdown formatted documents to HTML files. It is an application to organize and create a table of contents menu in the left bar. The demo shows how functions written in the ACF language can do complicated tasks. Watch the movie […]

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Version has been released.

Changes to this version ( Encryption and optimalization): dsPD_EncryptParBlock_2Base64Changed from minimum 2 parameters to just one. If there is no encryption key, the internal keys are used. Also if the key is empty. This is used to generate an object for the dsPD_AuthBase64Encrypted function where there is no need for […]

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