May 2, 2019

ACF Plugin ver released

A new version of the ACF plugin is released. The latest version is and contains the following changes since

Bugfix: The “minus-minus” operator compiled to “plus-plus” code; Corrected.

New features and changes:

  • Changed the “Now()” function from returning a timestamp in UTC, to returning a timestamp in local computer time instead.
  • Converter for time added. “time(any type)” now returns a time type variable.
  • Localisation autodetect: On the entry of the first ACF plugin function, the localisation for date format and the decimal point is automatically set. We retrieve those values from FileMaker using a calculation, to see what localisation-format it returns. (i.e. 3/2 => 1,5 or 1.5; date(12;11;2019) => 11.12.2019, or 11-12-2019, or 12/11/2019, etc). The ACF functions can override this specifying a format string explicitly, like this:
    string(now(), “%Y-%m-%d”) give today’s SQL formatted date.
  • Improved the date converter.
  • Improved Auto-converting time, date and timestamp to string in string expressions.

Here is an example script to show some of the date-handling. Our date format in Norway is – or “%d.%m.%Y” as format string.

function aa ()
    timestamp ts = now(); 
    print string ( ts, "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"); 

    print "\n"; 
    print string ( ts, "%Y-%m-%d"); 

    print "\n"; 
    print string ( ts, "%H:%M:%S"); 

    print "\n"; 
    print   ts; 
    print "\n"; 
    print time ( ts); 

    print "\n"; 
    print date ( ts); 

    return string (ts); 

This example gives this print on the console:

2019-05-02 03:29:15
02.05.2019 03:29:15

While the function return value is: 02.05.2019 03:29:15

The updated plugin is available in our download area.

ACF-Plugin version
ACF-Plugin version
ACF Plugin version - See the blog post about this update. Recommended update ! Mac 64bit, win32bit + win64bit versions. ...
Size6.11 MB
Last UpdatedMay 16, 2019

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