What is ACF?

Regular Custom Functions in FileMaker are calculations. As there are ways to do conditional processing in those, it is when the complexity of the task becomes a bit too hight, a procedural approach to solving the function task would be better. That is essentially what ACF functions are doing. A procedural approach would be similar to a script solving the job, except that it is functions and works from every calculation you like.


Sometimes, you can use them instead of scripts, to use many of the built-in features that otherwise would need other plugins, like working with file-system files; SQL updates or inserts; regular expressions; and more. Also, the array concept can make it easier or more streamlined to do the programming of some tasks.


To run the ACF functions, you need to compile them with the plugin compiler. Compilation produces a binary that loads and is ready to run. Later, you can load the binary in your startup script upon launching the applications. Then it is loaded until you quit FileMaker or recompile- or re-load the binary. To run them, you either use the ACF_run plugin function, or you can give the functions an ID, that let you have them in your calculations directly using their name.


The manual contains many example snippets and complete libraries with many commonly used functions. The ACF language is easy to learn.

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The ACF language

We developed the ACF language to improve your productivity and to improve portability, improved readability of the code makes less programming errors. The language is easy to learn, and tons of example code in the documentation helps to learn the concepts. 


A short example of some ACF functions

This image to the left is an example of two functions used for dealing with the 24SevenOffice API.


As you can see – the language is a structured language with loops; if blocks; and several functions on the same file. Copy and Paste from one function to another is simple using a standard text editor. In this example, we used TextMate with ACF bundle installed. 

Write your own ACF functions

Do more with ACF functions, written in an easy to learn, structural language that melts into the FileMaker environment. Compile, run & deploy

ACF functions are deployment friendly

Install updates to your ACF libraries with a click of a button at the client installation. Use the secure document store to deploy your compiled libraries.

Well documented

We have created an off-line and online HTML manual. The manual contains lots of examples to read, copy or alter for your use. ​

ACF functions written in the ACF language can:

Sometimes ACF functions can replace a script, doing data processing using SQL, Filesystem I/O, and much more directly in the language. FileMaker fields, variables and calculations can be used directly in the source.

ACF functions run fast

The ACF functions run as compiled code, compiled with the built-in compiler. Your functions run fast – depending on the function, up to 20 times faster than regular script execution.

Mac / Windows

The plugin runs on both Mac and Windows clients and as a Server Plugin.

The Secure Document Service


The document service is the second functionality of this plugin. We have put this together with the ACF language since they often are used together. The document service is easy to set up. Then you can store document in the remote location encrypted and impossible for others to decrypt without your keys. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

I have ordered a single license, can I upgrade to a team license?

Yes you can. Send us an e-mail and we will upgrade your license for the price difference.

Will your company deliver upgrades in a timely manner when new OS version or new FileMaker versions become available?

Yes we do. The plugin is tested against All new versions of OS or FM as soon as the pre-release becomes available.

I will test the product first. Do you deliver a demo license?

Yes we do. Send us an e-mail about obtaining a demo license. Without a license, the plugin will work for 30 minutes each time FileMaker is launched. After that, all functions return a “License expired” message.

Do your plugin phone home with any details about its use?

No, The plugin does not send anything, and does not register at our sites. We have faith in our customers to order the licenses they need.

I have ordered the plugin - when do I get the license?

We send licenses as soon as possible from our Norwegian office during day time from 07:00 to 22:00 GMT+1. A temporary license is downloadable on your order confirmation mail that you can use immediately.

Do you offer any support?

Yes, of course – Send us an e-mail and we will replay during office hours here in Norway, often also in the evening. You can also call us on +47 4690 8981.

Can the document service also be hosted on a windows server?

Yes it can. There are some configuration details about the IIS setup. The setup needs to have PHP installed. Setup a default document to index.php, Then there are a few modules that must be enabled in the PHP.INI file. SOAP, and such. Also, the PHP POST SIZE might be adjusted if you plan to send larger files. We will create a tutorial on this. We have several installations that run on Windows Servers.

Choose the LICENSE

All the prices are One-off-prices for version 1.x of the Plugin license — unlimited updates when new features become available. 


The License is valid for both Mac and Windows platform. 


For server installs, you can use your regular license. The license counts for runtime users connected to the server. i.e. the single developer has 5 runtime users. The license is valid for a server with 5 users connected.


Singel developer


Team of 5 developers


Developer Boundle

Need more runtime licenses?

What is runtime licenses?

A single pack of runtime license can be used at a customer site who only runs your compiled ACF functions. You need a developer license to compile the packages, and distribute binaries to users who only need runtime.

Questions ?

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this product, drop us a line for us to answer your questions.